A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard | Book Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I don’t think myself as a victim. I survived. – Jaycee Lee Dugard

It follows a story of Jaycee Lee Dugard that was abducted by Phillip Garrido at age eleven. She was kept in a room in a house’s backyard for 18 years, not allowed to scream or even says out her own name. She was sexually abused so many times while being held captivity and gave birth to two beautiful daughters. She was confused and forced to live as a family with the Garridos. Her right as to being mother to her daughters are denied when she was told to pretend to be their sister. One day, Phillip brought his wife Nancy, that all this while is also responsible for the abduction, and Jaycee with her daughters to the parole office to clear off his offends, to prove he is living a normal life, is the day that changed Jaycee and her daughters lives forever.

So I ‘ve been reading some nasty reviews on Goodreads. There are questions like why did she not even scream or run or tell the officers when she had the chances, these people obviously did not understand how mentally ill she is after all those years of being sexually and mentally abuse by the abductor. At age 11, she was told that she is going to get it (sexual abuse) worst if she screamed and he had dogs that gets violent if they don’t like her, wondering in the backyard. After giving birth to her second child at age 16, Phillip started to give her freedom of going out with nancy for grocceries and clothes shopping. Why she never runs away and instead, she was afraid that somebody would recognized her? She was thinking of her daughters back in the house and she don’t even know the way to get to the house if she ran away and seek for help. And some parole officers did visit the house to check on Phillip. They saw her in the main house but never suspects anything. Why, in that many visits she never busted on her kidnapper? For the same reason, she was afraid of her daughters safety and that is the only life she knew. She somehow believe that Phillip could protect and provide them forever. Yup. It might be overwhelming confusing to some but the whole story explains everything. Although she started having her physical freedom, but not mentally.

It must be so hard for her to recall back her memories so that she can voice out her misery of life being stolen for 18 years in hope that anybody that had their loved ones abducted reading it, to never lost hope and prayers that one day they might be found and reunited once again. Reading this has been quite a remarkable experience to me and from now on I will take extra precautions to protect my loved ones especially my son and younger sisters.

Heads up for the young readers. This books is very disturbing and sexually explicits. It just might not be for you.

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