Diary Of A Murderer And Other Stories by Kim Young-Ha | Book Review



I did not realised at first it was a collection of four short stories. I definitely would have given 4 stars for the first short stories, which is the longest one. The title of this book was taken from the first story, Diary of A Murderer.

It follows an old serial killer, a former veterinarian, Byeongsu, whose slowly losing his memories due to dementia. He could remembered vividly of his older memories of killing so many innocent people but lost his immediate present memories that live him in an endless confusion. He takes pleasure in killings, so God punished him by not remembering.

He live with his foster daughter, Eunhui, whose one day disappeared out of trace. Byeongsu believed she was killed by a man named Pak JuTae.

The plot twist is so brilliant that it took my breath away. I did not see it coming! I literally need to stop for a while and gathered my strength to keep on reading.

The third short story is Missing Child which I like too. Its about a couple missing their son while shopping. The polica found him 10 years later with matching DNA, but different name.

What turns me off completely is the last story. I don’t like it even a bit. Clearly because thriller with graphic erotic scenes is not for me. So, heads up! This is not for you young readers!

I would recommend this to the adult readers especially those who like thrillers. The first story is enough and worth buying this book. You would be captivated because Kim Young-Ha is such a story-teller!

Thank You Pansing Distributor for this review copy! This book is available in all good bookstores.


Diary of a Murderer: And Other Stories is master short story writer Young-ha Kim’s first collection ever to be published in English. His work has been compared to the novels of Haruki Murakami, Raymond Chandler, and Albert Camus, and he has earned a reputation as the most talented and prolific Korean writer of his generation.

Diary of a Murderer is an electric collection that captivates and provokes in equal measure, exploring what it means to be on the edge—between life and death, good and evil. In the titular novella, a former serial killer suffering from memory loss sets his sights on a new, and final, target: a killer whose next victim is his daughter. In the following three stories we witness an affair between two childhood friends that questions the limits of loyalty and love; a family’s disintegration after a baby son is kidnapped and recovered years later; and a wild, erotic ride about pursuing creativity at the expense of everything else.

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2 thoughts on “Diary Of A Murderer And Other Stories by Kim Young-Ha | Book Review

  1. Interesting! If I’m not mistaken, there’s a movie adaptation for the first short story you mentioned. I haven’t watched nor read the movie and it source material but the premise looks promising and from your review, it seems like I should check it out.

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