[182] In Love & Pajamas by Catana Comics


❓Its almost weekend! who’s excited? 🙋🏻‍♀️

In Love & Pajamas by Catana Comics 4⭐️

💭 I swear to God, this book is stinking adorable and relatably hilarious! I can’t stop smiling till the end. I don’t see any reason for anyone not gifting this to their loved ones no matter if their other half isn’t much of a reader, because this type of book obviously doesn’t require much reading at all 🤣

💭 Here’s what I like about it : Everything 🤣 Can I get away from this answer? The fact that its a hardback, made everything better. This book made me realise and feel super grateful because I’ve found someone that is very accepting. I can do weird stuff, shameful dance, pick my nose, fart and burped freely, and laugh like Joker unapologetically without any embarrassment or the fear of being judged and criticised. I CAN JUST BE MYSELF IN MY FLAWS AND VULNERABILITIES AND STILL BE LOVED ❤️

💭 The thing with this book is, its not necessarily for adults. They are super clean (if you know what I mean). My son read it too and finds it “funny and cute”. Overall, this comic captures the every day moments of a lovely couple in their comfy clothes and positive relationship. Its not only we have to wear clothes comfortably, but our relationships too 🥰 If you find yourself restrained from being yourself in front of your partner, fix that. Your partner is your life companion, not your employer, even if they are literally your boss. But definitely not at home. Home is where we deserve to be ourselves.

❤️ 👇🏻 to see some of my favourite pages and which bookstores you can get a copy from. TQ @putrifariza @times.reads for sending me this book!

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