[211] My Brilliant Life by Ae-Ran Kim 4⭐️

Not me posting this at 12am because I have slept for 2 hours earlier after getting 💉 and now I can’t sleep😆
❓ Have you guys get your c9 💉 yet?

💭 The book started off with the backstory of both of his parents when they were younger, and how they met each other that ended up with his mother getting pregnant and decided to be responsible, and get married. They only knew about Areum’s sickness when he was 2 years old. Since then, its hard to make ends meet because they need to being Areum to the hospital back and forth, finding cure and paying off the hospital bills. So they decided to be aired on a television show to get their stories out in hope for donations.

💭 It feels draggy at some point of the book. Only after the first half it was revealed that Areum is suffering from Progeria. Its a fatal, rare disease that makes children age prematurely and Areum to be particular, has a high risk of heart attack and various complications. He also lost sight in one eye due to macular degeneration.

💭 The dialogues feels real, deep and meaningful especially conversations between Areum and his mother. I almost cried most of the time, but they are controllable. One of them is “Someone like you…shouldn’t have to be sick”. “You’ve been so brave. This whole time. Even now, you’re going through test after test, and you’re not giving up. Other people get bent out of shape when their glands are a little swollen. Us? We’ve been doing this every single day, for fourteen years. We’ve been awesome”. 😢

💭 As I thought I’m able to control myself from crying, I did cried and sobbed at the end, literally at the last page. The ending is not something you wouldn’t expected, but still cried over. Some people are able to read this in one sitting, but I took around 4 weeks to finish this since I read it very slowly, so I won’t say its a one-sitting read because it’s not for me. One word to describe my feeling towards this whole story is, its CONSUMING.

❤️ This book is available in most major bookstores. TQ #pansing @definitelybooks for this copy!

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