[216] Lawak Kampus Jilid 40 karya Keith 3⭐️

❓Recommend me a book that made you laugh so bad.

💭 First of all, ingatkan lawak-lawaknya pasal berkelah ke camping ke atau weekend holiday disebabkan kulit buku. Tapi agak kecewa lah sebab bukan 😭 Cuma ada beberapa mukasurat penulis letakkan keperluan-keperluan perkhemahan.

💭 Tentang lawaknya pula, sejujurnya sy lebih suka Jilid ke-39. Apa-apa pun buku ini boleh dijadikan bacaan sekali duduk yang membuatkan pembaca lari dari kehidupan sebenar. Lihat gambar sebelah untuk lihat mukasurat kegemaran sy 😆

[215] Hana Khan Carries On by Uzma Jalaluddin


❓What Indian foods do you like?
Me : Biryani. This book made me go hungry all the time 😂

💭 Quoting Aydin “It’s like eating pureed baby food, with the flavors all mixed up” (pg.246). I get it. You are trying to bring up things all at once; racism, love, family, etc. Its not a bad book, but I guess I have high expectations.

💭 Set in Canada, the main story is about a falling down Indian-Muslim family business (restaurant to be exact). And then, there’s radio podcast going on, Hana getting into competitive internship against Thomas, a guy named StanleyP that you can easily tell who he really is, pregnant and sick sister, getting viralled on the internet when they got attacked by racist bigots, falling in love, Kawkab Khala backstory & street food festival.

💭 I have a hard time to find the climax but I guess it just didn’t hit me. And I would like to see Hana’s character to grow more towards the end. Anyway, it is a happy ending, I love the muslim representations, its authentic, and I appreciate the Author for tackling important issues. ⚠️ Hate crimes, Islamophobia

❤️ Slide left to see which bookstores you can get a copy from. TQ @putrifariza @times.reads and #pansing @definitelybooks for sending me this book!

[214] The Art Of Letting God by Mizi Wahid 4⭐️

❓I’m a firm believer that everything happened for a reason. How about you?

“Now I am humbled. For difficulty has groomed me well, & finding solutions for complicated issues have taught me the art of thinking clearly”.

💭 I picked this up on a whim because judging from so many other positive reviews, & its synopsis, it would be a beneficial read that could help me get through an unpleasant episode in life. Alhamdulillah, it does. If you guessed this book consists of the author’s life experiences, you guessed right. Cliche methods. But what’s not cliche is every single author’s life is DIFFERENT & they have different ways of excepting, handling & coping things in life.

💭 I don’t usually read from a man povs going through hardships in life because how different men & women are, and I always prefer reading from a woman povs. But i’m glad I decided to finally pick this up. What a reader if we never ventured out from our usual comfort reading types right? I love how objective & focus Ust Mizi’s writings are. This book is basically about surrendering all of our broken pieces to God, one prayer at a time, & what are the things the author suggests?

  • Figured out our major weaknesses by making sincere & hopeful prayer to God. Give our best, regardless of how much of a hindrance the obstacle is, how strong & intimidating the enemy is, & how desperate the situation may be.
  • Never expect people to be perfect, keep our hopes high, but avaoid unrealistic expectations, have a backup plan, its good to have a criteria before entering relationships (with some flexibility), trust your instincts, & don’t rush into things.
  • Remember that life rarely flows sequentially. But it does not mean that it’s all bad. Never allow our disappointments to perpetuate & stall our lives. Believe that everything happens for us, not against us.

💭 I can write longer & share more of this book’s takeaways thru my short reviews & photos, but you deserves a copy. I got this from @imanshoppe_official . TQ Ust @miziwahid for this spirit uplifting book ☺️ Now, I need to read the other 2 books that I bought along this one ASAP!

[213] Quiet Girl In a Noisy World by Debbie Tung 5⭐️

✋ Stop apologising for being who you are. You’re not hurting anyone. So why should you be sorry for being different? – A message to introverts.

💭 I might not be an introvert, but I do have half the traits. That makes me an ambivert I think? But that doesn’t matter. What matter is, I’m here to love and accept myself. You are here, to do just the same.

💭 Don’t even ask if I like this book. I ADORE it! I found this listed on @atelier.buku shop. In a blink of an eye, I bought it. obviously 🤣 This book will show you graphically, what are the introverts characters and traits so that you won’t be an ass if you have that one friend sitting in the bucu bilik reading a book, in a dang party. Leave them alone! they are having fun too! don’t you go there and telling them that they are kera sumbang 😒 and also, this is one of those BOOKISH self-help books you need to atleast read once because how bookish and self-loving it would turned you into.

❓Have you taken personality test?
I did. but the whole infjklmnopqrstuvwxyz (why are you singing in your head? 🤣), but I don’t remember mine 😌

[212] The Invisible Life Of Addie Larue by V. E. Schwab 3.8⭐️

❓How many pages a book has to have to make you consider it a long book? Up to 300? 500?
Me : Around 500

“That is the thing about living in the present, and only the present, it is a run-on sentence. And Henry was a perfect pause in the story. A chance to catch her breath”.

💭 Be careful of what you wished for, they say. But that’s not the case with Addie Larue. She had asked The Darkness she named Luc as in Lucifer, for time, without constraint, and life without restrictions. Addie Larue was born in Villon in 1691, daughter of Jean and Marthe. Since she made the deal, she grow fond of Luc and how did the deal actually work? NOBODY LITERALLY REMEMBERS HER once she left the room and she got to live a long life. and If you are wondering how this devil looks like, he takes form of a man. If you did pictured Lucifer, from the Netflix show, you’re definitely not alone 🤣

💭 The phrase “I remember you” after 300 hundreds years of Addie’s life, made me screamed in my brain (because I was reading it while in the observation area after getting vaccinated). Around 150 pages later, I literally screamed (now I can bcs I’m in my house & its 1am!), reading “I believe you”. 🤣 Long story short, she met Henry, who are immune from her curse. He DID remember her! why? how? no spoilers 🤭

💭 I always like it when the main character is a bookworm and in this book, reading books is how Addie is able to live hundred of years living on her own unremembered by anyone. This whole story and V.E Schwab’s writing just consumes me and its hard to move on to another book right away. The only issues I have is its a slow burn for the first 100 hundred pages and I don’t think it’s necessary to make Henry a bisexual either just because he is loved by all. But I would love to see him falling in love or being loved by other races tho. Maybe Black woman? an Asian perhaps? 🤷🏻‍♀️

❤️ You get can this book in most major bookstore but for the meanwhile, shop online! TQ #pansing for sending me this book! #greading #bookstagram #malaysiamembaca #theinvisiblelifeofaddielarue #veschwab #addielarue

[211] My Brilliant Life by Ae-Ran Kim 4⭐️

Not me posting this at 12am because I have slept for 2 hours earlier after getting 💉 and now I can’t sleep😆
❓ Have you guys get your c9 💉 yet?

💭 The book started off with the backstory of both of his parents when they were younger, and how they met each other that ended up with his mother getting pregnant and decided to be responsible, and get married. They only knew about Areum’s sickness when he was 2 years old. Since then, its hard to make ends meet because they need to being Areum to the hospital back and forth, finding cure and paying off the hospital bills. So they decided to be aired on a television show to get their stories out in hope for donations.

💭 It feels draggy at some point of the book. Only after the first half it was revealed that Areum is suffering from Progeria. Its a fatal, rare disease that makes children age prematurely and Areum to be particular, has a high risk of heart attack and various complications. He also lost sight in one eye due to macular degeneration.

💭 The dialogues feels real, deep and meaningful especially conversations between Areum and his mother. I almost cried most of the time, but they are controllable. One of them is “Someone like you…shouldn’t have to be sick”. “You’ve been so brave. This whole time. Even now, you’re going through test after test, and you’re not giving up. Other people get bent out of shape when their glands are a little swollen. Us? We’ve been doing this every single day, for fourteen years. We’ve been awesome”. 😢

💭 As I thought I’m able to control myself from crying, I did cried and sobbed at the end, literally at the last page. The ending is not something you wouldn’t expected, but still cried over. Some people are able to read this in one sitting, but I took around 4 weeks to finish this since I read it very slowly, so I won’t say its a one-sitting read because it’s not for me. One word to describe my feeling towards this whole story is, its CONSUMING.

❤️ This book is available in most major bookstores. TQ #pansing @definitelybooks for this copy!

[210] Meet Me In Memes

Jumping in the MEET ME IN MEMES (bookish edition) bandwagon. Slide to the right. This is me 🤣👉🏻

💭 I’m tagging @nrlhakimin @familimembaca @trulybynia @readingmuslimah @hoothootbookvalley @kakellereads @nyuu.bellka @biblio_dad @biblio_son @hafizlatiff111 @7aman7 @beluncas.books @booksbyiwasisz to do thie challenge 😆

p/s : Me & husb currently addicted to a borneo made special coffee & tea from @greenleafttmalaysia . I think we’ve tried them all from caramel to pandan & coconut teh tarik & coffee 🤣

[209] Pemikiran Tasawuf Syeikh Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi oleh Dr Mohamad Kamil Hj Ab Majid 4⭐️

❓How was your monday?
Me : Blues? 🤣 JK! it was fine, Alhamdulillah.

💭 Bacaan kali ini sedikit berat, namun ia menambah banyak ilmu seputar dunia tasawuf pada saya. Beberapa tahun lepas, saya ada menghadiri beberapa daurah, iaitu oleh Syeikh Rohimuddin Nawawi Al-Bantani yang mengajarkan tentang dasar-dasar pemikiran ilmu tasawuf, antara syariat dan hakikat, dan juga daurah Maulana Wan Mohd Aswadi yang membicarakan ilmu tasawuf peringkat pemulaan menggunakan kitab Penawar Hati oleh Syeikh Abdul Kadir Al-Mandili. Setelah membaca dasar pemikiran Syeikh Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi ini, saya amat bersetuju bahawa tasawuf yang perlu diutamakan lebih bersifat amali dan akhlak, bukan teori dan falsafah. Yang demikiannya lebih sesuai untuk masyarakat umum dalam kalangan umat Islam.

💭 Di bahagian pendahuluan, penulis menyatakan bahawa kandungan buku ini sebahagian besar disusun daripada kandungan tesis beliau di peringkat Ijazah Dr. Falsafah. Bagi pendapat saya, beliau telah berjaya menghurai dan menganalisis pemikiran tasawuf Syeikh Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradhawi dengan baik. Saya amat suka dengan pandangan dan pendapat Syeikh yang penuh kesederhanaan. Namun, buku ini bukanlah sesuatu yang sesuai dibaca dalam keadaan minda yang belum bersedia atau mempunyai bias terhadap sesuatu pihak yang mengamalkan ilmu tasawuf.

💭 Saya syorkan buku ini kepada anda sekiranya anda mahu membetulkan salah tanggap terhadap ilmu tasawuf supaya tidak keterlaluan dalam mempertahankan tasawuf, dan juga tidak melulu mengkritik tasawuf kerana seperti yang diketahui, pendakwah sufi yang beramal dan berpegang pada pengalaman tasawuf masing-masing tanpa terikat dengan sumber syariat yang menjerumuskan orang awam kepada ajaran sesat seakan tumbuh seperti cendawan. Na’uzubillahiminzalik 😭

❤️ Anda boleh dapatkan buku ini di laman web @kedaibookcafe , Shopee @bukupts atau Shopee @kedaiborongpts . Terima Kasih PTS!
❤️ Btw, I just dropped a new booktube video today! feel free to watch!

[207] Isteri Bukan Bibik oleh Ahmad Sarwat

❓Only mom should nurse her childrens & do the housework? what do you think?
Me : Strongly disagrees!

💭 Objektif utama buku ini adalah untuk memberi kefahaman pada pembaca tentang peranan sebenar seorang wanita dalam sesebuah rumahtangga berdasarkan hujah-hujah ilmiah oleh Ulama 4 Mazhab. Kalau anda ada mengikuti IG story atau FB saya, sudah tentu anda telah beberapa kali membaca perkongsian pendek saya mengenai buku ini. Secara asasnya, saya sudah mempelajari tentang topik yg dibawakan. Ia bukan sesuatu yang baru. Apa yg membezakan buku ini dari bahan bacaan lain yg seumpamanya ialah, ia mesra untuk dibaca oleh sesiapa yg belum mempunyai pengetahuan asas tentang tanggungjawab sebenar seorang isteri beserta hadis-hadis & petikan dari Al-Quran yg digunakan bagi menyokong beberapa pendapat berkaitan dengannya. Walaupun begitu, memperbaharui ilmu tentang tanggungjawab seorang isteri itu penting bagi kita yg mudah alpa 😔

💭 Antara kelemahan buku ini adalah ia tidak memberikan kesimpulan kepada topik utama yg dibawakan di akhir buku, & alangkah baiknya jika setiap bab yang kurang berkaitan dengan topik utama diberikan perkaitan. Namun, beberapa bab di awalnya seperti Bibik, Pendapat Ulama Salaf 5 Mazhab, Pendapat yg Berbeza, Kewajipan Suami Isteri sangat berinformasi & padat sekali. Penggunaan bahasanya santai & sangat mudah difahami walaupun penulis meletakkan potongan hadis & ayat Al-Quran, serta rujukan di akhir setiap bab. Tidak ketinggalan, ada kata-kata mutiara berilustrasi disajikan. Penulis langsung tiada bias dalam penulisannya. Ada bahagian yg mungkin membuatkan seorang wanita terus merasa seperti dialah yg berkuasa, tapi langit tak selalunya cerah 😁 (nantikan video resensi saya di YT).

💭 Jika anda mempunyai masalah untuk memahamkan suami, atau orang terdekat berkenaan tanggungjawab yg perlu anda masing-masing jalankan didalam sesebuah rumahtangga, buku ini ada jawapannya. InshaaAllah. Ia sesuai dijadikan hadiah kepada pengantin baru mahupun lama.

❤️ Boleh dapatkan buku ini di laman web @bookcafe, Shopee @bukupts , atau Shopee @kedaiborongpts


💭 When you’re sad, think of the things that made you feel lucky. In my case, being a mother and a giveaway winner 😆 I love that kind of GA contest that tells you “increase your winning chances by commenting & tagging more friends”. I have been eyeing for this book for such a long time, I literally spam the comment sections 🤣 TQ @atelier.buku @vampykraft @bemorecreative.my ! ❤️

❓What are the things that made you feel lucky? I would love to know!

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[205] Bicaralah Yang Baik Atau Diam oleh Iqro’ Firdaus 4.5⭐️

❓Human illustrations or abstract cover?

“Kerana lidah, kita boleh menjadi orang yang dihormati, dan boleh juga sebaliknya”.

💭Secara asasnya, buku ini adalah tentang bagaimana untuk bercakap dengan lebih baik. Mungkin kedengaran biasa atau remeh, kerana bercakap dilakukan oleh kita setiap hari. Tapi, adakah ucapan kita itu mengeluarkan perkataan yang baik dan bermanfaat? 2 bab yang disajikan dalam buku ini adalah “Membentuk Peribadi yang Baik Melalui Ucapan”, dan “Ingin Menjadi Pembicara yang Baik? Tirulah Gaya Nabi Muhammad S.A.W Berbicara”.

💭Penulis memulakan penulisannya dengan berkongsi tentang makna di Sebalik Dua Mata, Dua Telinga, dan Satu Mulut. Mungkin kita fikir, cara percakapan kita telah sebati dengan diri dan ia adalah personaliti yang sukar diubah. Namun, masih ada ruang waktu dan peluang untuk diperbaiki. Pembicara yang baik adalah yang berbicara dengan nada, tempo, kelajuan, laras suara, dan intonasi yang sederhana, sistematik, menarik dan mudah difahami. 5 pengajaran bernilai :

  • Lihat dan dengar sebelum berkata-kata. Setiap apa yang kita ucapkan dan lakukan menjadi isi dalam catatan amal.
  • Bercakap hanya bila perlu seperti berdakwah dan perdebatan sihat, dan ucapkan hanya perkataan yang baik dan bermanfaat.
  • Bercakap terlalu laju dan perlahan, serta bercakap terlalu banyak tanpa isi yang tepat dan baik, tidak membuatkan kita nampak lebih bijak.
  • Membuat hantaran bertulis di media sosial sama seperti bercakap. Buruk atau baiknya media sosial itu bergantung pada penggunaannya atau pemilik akaun yang mengendalikannya.
  • Kata-kata mempengaruhi sesuatu hubungan, tidak kira perkahwinan, kekeluargaan, dan persahabatan, mahupun kemasyarakatan.

💭Kecil-kecil cili padi. Ia padat dengan isi dan menawarkan pelbagai jenis tip. Tidak ketinggalan, penulis juga ada meletakkan hasil kajian tentang beberapa perkara seperti kemampuan otak manusia menerima kata per minit. Buku ini sangat menepati objekif. Saya sangat suka buku yang mengulas sesuatu topik dengan menyeluruh. (ulasan penuh ada di saluran YT saya)

[204] Talking To Myself by Daniela Rivera 2⭐️

❓Have you read books about mental health lately? recommend me one!

💭 Page 95 “I learned that we should not take on other peoples’ problems or feel sorry for them”.
Page 99 “Most of the time, I can empathize immediately”.
Does the author wrote this while having an episode of depression herself? because I would really love to know since those sentences are quite contrary from each other.

💭I really love the first few chapters where she made me feel like i’m not the only adult that feels like the immature one, who still depends mostly emotionally on my mom because it makes me feel fully accepted, safe, calm and content. When I got into page 12, I really fell in love with this whole page when the author touched about people who came to stay or left the next thing you know. “Everyone happens for a reason”.

💭What made me really uncomfortable is when she expressed how she felt with God vs religion. Obviously, we are not on the same page. More than half of the book just fell short for me. They are kind of cliche.

[203] The Maidens by @alex.michaelides 4⭐️

❓Describe this cover in one word

The Maidens by @alex.michaelides 4⭐️

“The secret rite of Eleusis – that gives you exactly that liminal experience of being between life and death – and of transcending death. Eleusis is the story of Persephone – the Maidens as she was known – the goddess of death, queen of the Underworld”

💭On one unexpected day, Mariana received a panic phone call from Zoe, her niece who she has been nursing since child, says that Tara, her college friend might have been killed because she has not came back & the victim described by the news resembles her. Mariana decided to go to Zoe thinking that if her husband Sebastian was still alive this day, he would have done the same. Little that she knew, this journey would opened up her eyes to things that she might be in denial all her lives.

💭 Professor Fosca, who’s teaching Greek tragedy, is suspected by Mariana because he is the closest to his special students called The Maidens, but he has strong alibi. He was with his Maidens when the murders happened. Conrad, another guy who has been seeing Tara occasionally became the police main suspect. Parallel to the story & murders, is the story of Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, a vengeful goddess that needed sacrifice of a noble maiden. The victim is not only Tara, but one by one of The Maidens are being killed.

💭 Until the last quarter of the book, I still cannot prove my suspicions. Thanks to my good friend, Suraya, I fell in love with Alex Michaelides writing right from his debut, The Silent Patient that she gifted to me. And I genuinely love this one too, but I’m enraged by its ending (but still love the whole thing 😂) because I’m dying for that one last closure. There’s so many characters with dark pasts & messed up minds in this book. I totally recommend this if you love psychological thrillers that has interesting backstories connecting to the main plot, & especially if you love Alex’s first book, this would be a great light psychological thriller reads.

❤️ TQ #pansing for sending me this copy! This book will be available in most major bookstores any time soon #malaysiamembaca #themaidens #alexmichaelides

[202] Questions To Our Answers by Timothy Joshua 4⭐️

“We are all questions, in search of the right answers- unwritten poes, infinite verses, waiting to be put into words.”

💭 Poetry isn’t something you can force upon someone into liking it and I’m not really sure myself what kind of poetry do I like. But this rhymes and vibes with me effortlessly, as if some of the poems are about my past and my present, how I used to feel and what am I currently feeling. Consisting of three main questions we often asked to ourselves, and the stories of three couples whose going through different stages in their relationships, facing with so many different problems; self doubt, trust issues, careers, distance, emotions roller coasters, and facing commitments in life, Joshua have written this book brilliantly, honestly and lively.

💭 The book consists of three chapters in question forms, which is What Are We?, Where Are We Going?, and How Are We Getting There?, and there are three epilogue/short stories, which is The Train, The Flight, and The Confession. Each chapters are started off with the first half of three short stories that has their continuation at the end of the book where their stories are given conclusions or an end respectively.

💭 The poems are about falling in and out of love, rejection, unrequited love, empty promises, false hope, abusive relationship, or LOVE with all its happiness and sadness in general if I would say. Poems with bookish metaphore is definitely my kind of thing, take My Favourite Book as an example ;
I still remember the first time we met-
I was hooked from the synopsis,
and every page tool me out of this world.
I’ll never tire of reading and re-reading every page.
I’ll never be able to put you down or let you go-
you are and always will be my favourite book.

💭 Reading these poems gave me a whole set of emotions; butterflies flutters in my stomach, giddiness, anger, warm, dissapointed, fluffy, happy. It somehow feels like a recollection of my love life in the past and present. I genuinely think these beautifully currated words are a piece of arts. There is also a crosswords puzzle poem on page 17. Its brilliant. Overall, Timothy’s poetry is very aesthetic, instagrammable and tiktokable (if you know what I mean :D).

❤️ TQ Penwings Publishing for sending me this book!

[201] The Woman In The Window by A. J. Finn 4⭐️

❓Have you watch this book’s movie adaptation?
Me : I’ve watched the adaptation on netflix before reading this book, and as I expected, the book is way much better and there is a lot of missing plots in the movie.

💭The story follows Anna Fox’s daily conversations with her family about what has been happening around her neighbourhood and her daily life in her 4-stories house. She lives in the big house basically on her own until David becomes her tenant in the basement. Anna, or Dr Fox is a child psychiatrist that mostly giving consultations online, and she is suffering a mental illness herself which, which is PTSD and Agoraphobia, extreme fear of being outside in the open space. Ed, her husband, and Olivia, her daughter lives separately.

💭Anna Fox is described as an alcoholic nosy neighbour. There’s literally nothing she could do in her daily life than looking out her room to see what her neighbours are doing. A family of three had just moved in across the street and they seems like an ordinary family until Anna saw the wife got stabbed from her camera lense. The question is, why did everyone, including the police said the wife is still alive, and she is standing in front of Anna. Anna’s personal psychiatrist warned Anna that she will be experiencing hallucinations due to her prescriptions. So who was the women killed? Did she really is hallucinating and losing her minds?

💭Its interesting how a thick book such as this has one setting throughout 90% of the book. I am not sure if I could read the whole book if I have not watched the movie because there’s too many flashbacks and random conversations, but it has been a few months since I last read an almost 500 pages book. So its a good comeback.

💭It has an eerie side of it. I do wonder if there’s any paranormal side of the story, but its all psychological, which is one of my favourite thing to read about. The plot twist is unpredictable and I never saw it coming. A very good surprise I can say. Overall, its an enjoyable psychological thriller because it made you wonder all the time what is actually happening. #ipreview via @preview.app

[200] Ravenpost.ID : Bastards of The Barrel Subscription Box

❓Have you read Six Of Crows yet? or atleast any Leigh Bardugo books?
Me : Truth to be told, I have only listened to King of Scars audiobook and I’m not really a fan. But guess what made me fell in love with the world? THE NETFLIX show 🤣 you can’t possibly hop into every hyped books fandom right? don’t judge me!

💭 Checkout this Indonesian bookish subscription box @ravenpost.id . Have any of you bought their boxes yet? What do you think of this one? Honestly, I really love them and think they are worth every penny! 😁

[199] Allah Loves by Omar Suleiman 4⭐️

“The ability to call upon Allah, knowing that He loves to hear me, despite how broken and sinful I am, in that there is a blessing.”

💭 What kind of servants do Allah like? What is it that pleases Him? These are the two main questions that Imam Omar was trying to provide the answers when he wrote this book. It is written in such subtle, beautiful and easily comprehensible way.

💭 This book containing 30 short spiritually enriching chapters helps me to look back at myself, my actions and deeds today and in the past, and asked “Am I enough? Have I really tried to please my Creator? He have given me so much, but I have not done enough to show Him how grateful I am. I want to be a better Muslim, a better Human”.

💭 As I grew older, I get tired easily, especially at the end of the day. So its hard for me to get up after midnight for tahajud prayers like I used to do more often when I was way younger. Reading chapter Tears and Traces has given me the motivations. “Think about all those times Allah saw you struggling to pray. Maybe you had an injury and praying became harder for you. Those elderly people who pray for the sake of Allah. They shed tears of brokenness and vulnerability. The body shows signs of wear and tear but if it’s for something that is good, Allah sees that and knows that we’re doing that for Him”.

💭 Another lesson learned for me is to be forbearing and delibering especially while facing ignorant people on the internet who are pro-Israel. Its so easy to get angry while trying to prove a point, but its useful to utter something out of haste. “Forbearance is when you are particularly patient with people, it’s about patience and holding yourself back. We as believers are taught to be intentional about the things that we do, so we seek to manifest forbearance and deliberation in our personality, in our work and in how we control the environment”.

💭 If you seek for Allah’s love, this book is for you to read and learn from it. InshaaAllah, its very insightful.

[198] Goodbye Sedih dan Kecewa oleh Ririn Rahayu

“Hidup memang perpindahan daripada satu masalah ke masalah yang lain. Apabila lulus satu ujian, kita akan berdepan dengan ujian seterusnya. Begitulah selanjutnya. Maka, sebagai Muslimah, kita sepatutnya memiliki pertahanan diri yang kuat terhadap serangan masalah. Sekiranya tidak, kita akan terumbang-ambing sehinggakan tidak lagi dapat merasakan indahnya kehidupan”.

Buku ini mempunyai 5 bahagian yang membincangkan 5 jenis permasalahan, iaitu : Masalah dengan diri sendiri, suami, anak, jiran, rakan, dan alam sekitar. Secara peribadi, topik kegemaran saya adalah masalah dengan diri sendiri, anak, dan rakan.

Saya rasa tajuk “Goodbye Sedih dan Kecewa : Ubat Jiwa Paling Mujarab Buat Para Muslimah” adalah kurang tepat untuk buku ini, kerana tajuknya seolah-olah menawarkan solusi kepada wanita yang mengalami kesedihan jiwa, padahal ianya lebih kepada kepemerkasaan wanita dalam mendepani beberapa jenis masalah hidup. Namun, kekemasan dan kecantikan serta pemlihan warna pada kulit buku cukup menawan dan menyejukkan hati yang memandang.

Penulis ada meninggalkan ruangan kosong pada bahagian Masalah Dengan Diri Sendiri buat pembaca untuk membuat dan menulis refleksi diri. Fokus penulis adalah memotivasikan, menginspirasi dan memperkasakan wanita dalam aspek-aspek kehidupan yang dianggap suatu permasalahan berzaman melalui sudut pandang dan pengalaman beliau sendiri, disulami dengan sirah Nabi yang mempunyai seribu satu pengajaran di dalamnya.

Antara isi yang saya sukai :

  • Jadikan kelemahan sebagai kekuatan dan jadikan kekurangan sebagai pendorong kemajuan.
  • Buang jauh tabiat menangguh kerja. Menangguh kerja sama seperti mengumpul masalah. Akhirnya nanti, terkejar-kejar kerana perlu menyiapkan beberapa kerja sekaligus. Akibatnya, hasilnya kurang berkualiti.
  • Impian yang kita miliki mestilah untuk kebaikan dan melibatkan Allah. Berimpilah untuk jangkamasa panjang iaitu berorientasikan kehidupan akhirat.
  • Mereka yang tidak berkebolehan namun memiliki keyakinan diri yang tinggi lebih baik daripada mereka yang berkebolehan namun tidak yakin pada diri sendiri.
  • Jangan melihat orang lain berdasarkan nilai hartanya, kerana sehebat manapun seseorang, akan ada yang lebih hebat daripadanya.

Secara kesimpulannya, buku ini amat sesuai bagi para wanita muslimah yang buntu dicengkam permasalahan yang seakan tiada penghujungnya. Tiap dari kita perlukan teguran dan peringatan. Jadi, tidak salah untuk membacanya walaupun mungkin pendapat dan cara kita mendepani sesuatu permasalahan itu berbeza, akar masalahnya dan tujuannya tetap sama. Pelbagaikan solusi melalui kaedah try and error.

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